1 A hangfire is a perceptible delay in the ignition of a cartridge after the primer has been struck by the firing pin

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2 The frame of a handgun is:

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3 Handgun cartridges should always be exposed to water or solvents in order to clean off the fingerprints and dirt

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4 It is solely the video instructor’s responsibility to make sure YOU understand the laws of each state before you choose to carry concealed in that state

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5 Generally speaking, drawing a firearm in self defense should be treated as a last resort when other options have been considered and failed

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6 When a cartridge fails to fire immediately, you should:

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7 In a revolver, what is an ‘Ejector Rod’?

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8 A cylinder is:

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9 Before cleaning a handgun, be sure that:

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10 When being handed a firearm, you should always trust that when they tell you it is unloaded, that it is the truth:

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11 All handgun cartridges can be fired from any handgun

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12 When firing a handgun, you should always know your target and what is beyond

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13 What are 3 physiological symptoms of ‘critical incident stress’?

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14 Knowing your target and what is behind your target is a unsafe thing to do

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15 All firearms should be treated as if they are loaded

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16 The slide on a semi-automatic handgun usually contains 3 components.  They are:

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17 Two ‘Fundamentals of Shooting’ are:

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18 The 2nd Amendment refers to ‘HOW’ one chooses to ‘CARRY’ a handgun

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19 Hands-on practice is required to be proficient at operating a handgun

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20 The number designation used in cartridge identification as seen in these three examples (.45, .380, .22) refer to:

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21 The ‘P’ as can be seen on some ammunition, such as +P or +P+, refers to

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22 Why should handguns be cleaned regularly

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23 Ammunition should not be present when cleaning a handgun

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24 In single-action handguns, the trigger performs only one action: releasing the hammer

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25 The 3 types of ammunition malfunctions are:

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