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David Cunningham
David CunninghamLead Firearms Instructor - Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor
At our sister website and company, Stoneridge Tactical, we provide firearms, tactics, tactics, and defense classes to civilian, law enforcement, security, corporate, and government in many disciplines. We offer concealed carry, beginning handgun, women’s classes, kid’s classes, defensive and tactical firearm classes for the novice and expert alike. Plus, we teach self defense, and defensive tactics. Stoneridge Tactical is the only certified ASP training school for security and law enforcement in southern Oregon. As such, we offer classes in ASP Tactical Baton, and ASP Tactical Handcuffing and Arrest Techniques. Stoneridge instructors are certified and licensed by some of the biggest and best organizations in law enforcement, security, and defensive tactics in the business, including Oregon DPSST, ASP, Safariland, Defense Technology and others to assure you quality classes every time!

David Cunningham is also a proud member of both the NLEFIA (National Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors Association) and IALEFI (International Association of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors). These are two of the largest and finest organizations of law enforcement firearms instructors in the United States.



Mr. Cunningham’s Training Goes Back to 1991

David Cunningham is Founder and Lead Firearms Instructor at Oregon’s first and only Simunition-Certified firearms training school, and Oregon’s biggest firearms training organization, offering more classes than any other firearms school in the state. He has been shooting since he was 5 years old and teaching since 1991. He teaches firearms classes ranging from children’s gun safety classes to law enforcement carbine rifle, women’s multi-day boot camps, and live-fire interactive scenario-based force-on-force crisis training. David Cunningham has the following credentials:

He is a former certified Child Abuse Investigator, DEA Highway Drug Interdiction Specialist, and worked as a Narcotics Enforcement Team member in the early 1990s working to perform undercover narcotics transactions which resulted in his writing multiple search warrants and arrests. He was also Supervising Officer on other additional search warrants that he served. As a Field Training Officer for the police department, he taught search and seizure, high-risk traffic stops, defensive tactics and arrest techniques, report writing, use of force.
Mr. Cunningham has been certified by the leading “3-initial” firearms training organization in the world.  He has trained in the Law Enforcement Division in both handgun and carbine rifle.  Oregon Revised Statutes requires that in order to certify for an Oregon CHL, the student must take a class taught by a specially certified instructor.  Mr. Cunningham has that certification, and well beyond that.
Tactical Handgun is Mr. Cunningham’s specialty and fondest course of instruction.  He received this training working directly with the Ontario Police Department firearms instructors in California.
Mr. Cunningham received this certification near Columbine/Littleton, Colorado working side by side with some of the finest law enforcement firearms instructors in America.
Range safety is paramount in all of Mr. Cunningham’s classes.  We utilize a combination of hot-line/cold-line and hot-range/cold-range techniques to provide the highest element of practical training in our civilian and law enforcement courses.  Mr. Cunningham is certified to design courses of fire and disseminate those courses to law enforcement and civilians alike.
Utah Bureau of Criminal Identification has certified Mr. Cunningham on multiple occasions.  He teaches Utah Concealed classes in Oregon.  If you are interested in a Utah Concealed class, please contact us!
Arizona does not require a license to carry concealed.  However, they do indeed offer licenses to residents and non residents alike.’s certification for Oregon Concealed can be provided to the State of Virginia as well. Virginia’s reciprocity is currently 31 states.  You can use this certification to apply with the State of Virginia through the mail!
As a former Police Officer and Field Training Officer, Mr. Cunningham taught subjects such as pursuit driving, search and seizure, report writing, high-risk traffic stops, defensive tactics, and is a current firearms instructor certified through the Law Enforcement Division of one of America’s largest training organizations.
Mr. Cunningham is an upper level instructor taught by Romanian-born master, Laurian Lapadatu.  Mr. Cunningham currently operates southern Oregon’s first and only IDF-style Israeli Krav Maga training center.  He is proud to teach “Krav Maga Force” in Medford, OR.   Mr. Cunningham is accepting new students at his training center.
Trained by Oregon State DPSST, Mr. Cunningham teaches security classes every week in Oregon.
Classes are taught often at Stoneridge Tactical
Freelance and contracted armed security provider
He provides unarmed security for events, hospitality, and miscellaneous venues throughout Oregon.
As Executive Manager of Allied Security Management, LLC, Mr. Cunningham provides services to the 2nd and 3rd schools in the State of Oregon to provide armed security at the schools.  The first was New Hope School in Grants Pass.  He is proud to be contracted with these schools as their Executive Security Manager.
Defense Technology is Mr. Cunningham’s product of choice.  Certifying with pepper spray is not required in the State of Oregon but is definitely recommended to alleviate potential liability issues that may arise from its use in the field by security and law enforcement.  He has been a certified instructor for many years.
Having been a certified instructor for ASP, and having been certified to teach DEFTAC, Mr. Cunningham is currently on the ASP International Training Team.  ASP classes are held quarterly at Stoneridge Tactical’s regional training facility.
As a Field Training Officer with the police department, his training and certification included such things as Death Investigation and Child Abuse Investigation.  Child abuse is one of the most cowardly of crimes investigated by Mr.s Cunningham in his tenure as police officer.
During his work as a police officer, his certifications and training provided expertise that resulted in many notable drug arrests.
Executive protection services are also offered at Stoneridge Tactical.
Stoneridge Tactical and Rogue Valley Krav Maga in Central Point, Oregon provide the State’s leading defense classes for women, children, adults, and corporate organizations.  Mr. Cunningham is the lead instructor at both.
Corporate, private, military and law enforcement organizations contact Mr. Cunningham to provide DEFTAC from ground zero to Instructor Certification.  If you or your company is interested in this, please contact us.
Mr. Cunningham has been involved in martial arts since 1975.  As an instructor at a local school in the Rogue Valley, he teaches 3-4 nights a week and sits on testing boards for student promotions.  Mr. Cunningham will be testing for his 4th degree black belt in 2017.

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