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That's right! And...Mobile-Device-Friendly.  Onlinegunschool.com is your choice for online Oregon CHL concealed handgun license certification.  $45 and most students finish the program in about an hour.


As a concerned Oregon citizen, you want to protect yourself, the ones you love, and others from the harm that could come to you or them during a "Critical Incident". Our online Oregon concealed carry class is what you need.  The danger that a Lethal Threat poses during a "critical incident" is something that can be survived and WON!. 


At Onlinegunschool.com, our goal is to present you with our online concealed carry class to teach you how to maximize the chances of winning during a Critical Incident by providing you with the basic handgun safety and use training required by Oregon Revised Statutes.


Our online concealed carry certificates are accepted by every County Sheriff Office in the State of Oregon. We guarantee it, 100%.  If you ever have a problem with your certificate, we'll be there to correct it on your behalf.


There are 5 states that accept "Online" or "Electronic" certification.  Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming, Virginia, and Iowa!  Rest assured that taking the online course that
Onlinegunschool.com provides, is 100% legitimate and legal in every county in these states. 


There are bad people in and among us...and they DO travel.  Be prepared. Don't let another day go by without getting certified to carry concealed.  Is it worth your life to wait?  Take the next step and protect the ones you love by getting your Oregon CHL certification ONLINE...NOW!


Once you make the choice, you'll have instant access to training material, a training video by our Nationally-Certified Firearms Instructor, and a short quiz - - All at no cost to you*.  You get the best training possible.  No pre-registration of any kind is required to train with us at
Onlinegunschool.com.  We encourage you to start right away!  Get your Oregon concealed carry certification, online right now!

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*You only pay when you order a certificate.




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At Onlinegunschool.com, we stand behind a 100% Money Back Guarantee!  If there is any issue or problem with your certificate, we will reship another certificate to you or remedy the problem for you, no matter what, or it's on us!  We believe in quality training and education and will settle for nothing less when our customers are concerned.  We strive for 100% customer satisfaction.  If you experience a problem, please give us a chance to correct any challenge you might have.

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